Safety against Fire is an essential thing at workplaces as well as at homes. Every vast year numbers of people die due to Fire. Fire safety can quickly be assured by having Fire-Fighting Equipment & proper Fire Protection.

The Importance of Fire-fighting Equipment is an essential one to provide maximum protection against Fire. The Fire Fighting Equipment also ensures the Fire Fighters’ safety who risk their lives to save others. Fire Fighting Equipments agency in Noida

Merely having these items installed and training your staff in their operation is not enough to uphold adequate fire safety – they must also be regularly inspected and maintained.

This includes inspecting all fields of the premises for fire hazards, keeping a carefully written log of all findings and actions taken, and ensuring that all staff is fully trained in firefighting and evacuation procedures.

Fire equipment maintenance falls under the responsible person’s duties, & checking for any unavoidable maintenance & upkeep will need to become a part of the fire hazard assessment.

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Fire safety equipment present on-site, you will have to analyze every component’s role carefully to determine how frequently they will require to be inspected.

Here are a few essential ones to get you started remember-be sure to make a note of all checks in your logbook.

  1. Daily

Check that total fire doors are to an adequate operational standard, close firmly, & open easily. Exclude any obstructions throughout the evacuation path immediately. If possible, test emergency lighting for faults, and ensure that all signage is visible.

  1. Weekly

Manually test all fire alarm equipment & that batteries are still operational in all smoke detectors. Monitoring alarms at the same time every week will avoid panic among staff as they will be expecting it.

  1. Monthly

Perform a thorough check of whole emergency lighting systems for sufficient illumination, logging any findings. Carry out a more detailed examination of fire doors, ensuring that the intumescent seals and frames are in good condition.

  1. Yearly

A qualified and accredited technician should thoroughly inspect all fire protection equipment, including alarms, detectors, lighting, sprinklers, extinguishers, and fire doors. Fire extinguisher inspections should be carried out throughout the year.

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As one of the more prominent firefighting equipment, fire extinguishers will require a more tailored maintenance approach. The maintenance of fire extinguishers begins the moment they are delivered to your place of business.

  1. Monthly

Check that the pressure measurement is in the right position & ensure that whole signage and operational guidance are visible & apparent. The extinguishers should be suitably positioned near areas where their use is most likely needed. These checks can be conducted by the ‘responsible person’ in charge of fire risk assessments.


This should be a significant thorough & detailed analysis performed by an approved technician. Any marks of corrosion will be sought out, while every component will be examined individually. The unit will also be measured, & certification will be provided if it passes inspection.

3.Five Years

Approximately every 5 years, extinguishers will undergo ‘discharging.’ This requires an emptying & refilling of the unit, allowing the authorized engineer to check the extinguisher’s interior for faults and the operational components.

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