A fire in the workplace can be the most severe and deadly dangers that can not only cause death or critical injuries but can also have a serious financial impact on a business and its trading operations. Many companies are so badly affected by a fire that they struggle ever to recover and sometimes have to close down.

By law, all business premises and every block of flats are required to conduct a fire risk assessment. However, not everyone has a good knowledge of this essential fire safety measure. A fire risk assessment is a necessary undertaking that must be carried out in all workplaces and areas accessible to the general public.

If your business/firm has more than five staff members than the assessment details must be recorded in writing and kept somewhere safe. Anyone’s assessments can be made as long as they have the relevant fire safety advice documents to hand. If you don’t feel comfortable undertaking such an important task, a professional fire risk assessment company can provide a skilled person to take on these duties on your behalf. Call At : 9811430541 ,09266805647, Email : vrfire.safety@gmail.com Fire risk assessments, unfortunately, are frequently ignored. This can result in buildings being accidentally exposed to fire risk, and potentially loss of life at times.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment is an analysis undertaken of a building to evaluate its fire risk and offer recommendations to make the building more protected. Its purpose is to decide whether existing fire precautions are adequate and reasonable relative to the overall risks presented or if it needs reduction via control devices.

The parts of this assessment are carried out to highlight the possibility of a fire starting and the harm. It could cause in some circumstances to those in and around the area. The main purposes of the assessment are to:

  • Identify – Identify any possible fire hazards and risks (sources of combustion, fuel, etc.).
  • Reduce – Reduce those risks to a level that is as low as logically possible.
  • Evaluate – What precautions are required to ensure the safety of those in and around your premises (escape routes, lighting, training, etc.).

As a responsible person, you must carry out and regularly review a fire risk assessment of the premises. This will recognize what you need to do to prevent fire and keep people safe.

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Carrying Out a Fire Risk Assessment

Any business has to be able to provide their clients and staff assurances that fire safety is considered seriously and that all reasonable preventative measures are in place. While workplace fires are quite rare, they aren’t rare enough that you can remove the idea entirely; you need to be prepared for any eventuality.

When carrying out the Fire Risk Assessment, you must:

  • Identify the fire hazards
  • Identify people at risk
  • Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks
  • Record the findings and implement them
  • Prepare an emergency plan and provide training
  • Check possible control measures are in place
  • Review and update the fire risk assessment regularly

Remember that one size does not fit all – a Fire Risk Assessment for educational, residential, and healthcare premises will be significantly different for a shop and office.

As the purpose of carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment is to reduce/remove the risk of hazards and determine what safety measures are needed to ensure everyone’s safety. There are various things to consider, including:

  • Fire detection and warning systems
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency routes and exits
  • Firefighting equipment – extinguishers
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Any vulnerable people – elderly, children, disabled

You must also provide information to visitors to your premises and fire safety training to employees. “ISI mark Fire Safety Equipments supplier in Noida.”

Who is Responsible for Conducting Fire Risk Assessments?

Fire safety is the set of practices designed to reduce the damage caused by fire. It is something we should all be exercising in the workplace, but the main thing is who exactly is responsible?

The answer is “YOU.” Yes, it is your accountability to ensure that a fire risk assessment has been carried out if you are any of the following:

  • An employer
  • The landlord of a property
  • The owner of a property or business
  • Facilities Manager
  • Building Manager
  • Risk Assessor

Your Responsibilities Include:

  • Have fire safety measures in the exact position and maintain them
  • Plan for an emergency
  • Provide staff with the appropriate fire safety training and instructions
  • Carry out a fire risk assessment and analyze it regularly

It is an essential responsibility and should be taken seriously. You are planning for the safety of your workplace and the people within it if a fire was to break out. It is your responsibility to ensure that daily fire safety checks are being carried out and completed efficiently, weekly bell tests are completed, and fire drills are conducted every six months. This can bring a lot of time to record information and data.

Recording this information is also important; in the event of a fire, these records will help fire experts in doing their job. Local fire and rescue authorities investigate premises and will check these records.

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Fire is a severe problem, and therefore all organizations and responsible persons must assure that they fulfill their health and safety responsibilities to protect employees against fire. If not, the outcomes can be disastrous for all that are involved. Therefore, Fire safety knowledge and training both are essential.

For complete peace of mind and to assure your premises are safe and as risk-free as possible, it is best to hire an expert who is experienced and trained in such competencies. Fire Risk Assessments are a big responsibility with a lot of liability holding on the responsible person. Here at VR Fire Safety “ISI mark Fire Safety Equipments supplier in Noida,” we offer our clients two types of fire safety consultancy – standard and advanced.

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